Welcome to Belmopan,
the Capital City of Belize, Central America


The George Price Center in Belmopan, named in honour of the 'founder' of the Capital
Belmopan, the 'Garden City' and capital of Belize is a beautiful, spaciously laid out and tranquil town.

Belmopan sits near the the junction of the Western Highway, which leads from Belize City to San Ignacio (22 miles) and the Guatemalan border, with the Hummingbird Highway, the scenic road which runs from Belmopan south-east to Dangriga (47 miles) on the Caribbean coast.

A small choice of accommodations for every budget and a few restaurants make a visit worthwhile.

Belmopan is the gateway to the attractions that abound in the Cayo district, with a few excellent options nearby:

  • the Guanacaste Park, where orchids and other "air plants" can be seen, with an excellent Visitor's Center and a swimming area in the Roaring Creek
  • the "Inland" Blue Hole where an underground river emerges
    St. Herman's Cave
  • Cave Tubing
  • Five Blues Lake, a lake that appears in five shades of blue water
  • the Belize Zoo, about 20 miles from Belmopan on the way to Belize City

Taxi drivers that hail from the bus terminal area will gladly arrange personalized tours to any of the above plus transportation to any place in the country.

Belmopan is quite young, only established in 1970. It was to replace Belize City as the administrative center of the country following the devastation of over 75% of the buildings in the former capital by Hurricane Hattie in 1961. In 1962 the terrain for the new capital was chosen by a committee, located 50 miles inland on high ground, 76 m above sea level, near the Belize River Valley. Besides providing a save haven from further tropical storms, the area also offers enough space, without any costly reclamation of land, for a growing population and an industrial area.

In 1964, when Belize was still a British colony (British Honduras), Premier George Price gained the support of the British Commonwealth for the undertaking of relocation the government offices to the new location which led to the unveiling of a monument in 1965 at mile 49 on the Western Highway, the site dedicated for the new capital. The government was moved to Belmopan in 1970. The name Belmopan was chosen from two words "Belize" and "Mopan", one of the rivers in the area.

Belmopan grew slowly, in 1993 the population was just under four thousand, in 2000 it was an estimated eight thousand. There are approxiamtely four-hundred businesses in Belmopan. Most government representatives still live in Belize City and travel the one-hour plus to the capital daily. Only a few foreign embassies have their offices in the capital and only few of the large enterprises have relocated yet, mainly due to simple economics. If you are doing any kind of business in Belize, you will likely find yourself bouncing back and forth between Belize City and Belmopan.

With generous planning to allow for future development, Belmopan boasts large park areas with colourful vegetation and many Flamboyant trees in the center of town, thus making it the "Garden City."

Independence Plaza marks the center of Belmopan with the administrative buildings and the prime minister's office. Banks, post office, BTL (Belize Telecommunications Ltd) and the immigration office are nearby, the hospital, a number of embassies and the main campus for the University of Belize are all within walking distance. Next to it is the Market Square with a bus terminal, stretched building that houses market stalls and food vendors and numerous small shops around. Most travellers coming through Belmopan still only see this area where they switch buses for their ongoing journey.

On the Educational sector, Belmopan offers Pre-Schools, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools, of which most are run by Churches. The University of Belize is housed in Belmopan with the faculties Education, Business, Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture & Natural Resources and Nursing. Numerous organizations have their offices in Belmopan.

Belmopan, the town, was incorporated in 2000, which already resulted in a number of improvements beneficial to business with lots of ambitious plans for the future.

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On Market Square in Belmopan, the capital of Belize

Generous planning of the city provides large park areas in the center of Belmopan

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